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40TH AGM in Maastricht, Netherlands…Who’s in? smile

Maastricht, in the Netherlands, is FORCE’s new destination for our next members meeting.

This city is known for it’s Medieval architecture and lively cultural scene but specially for being the place were The Treaty on European Union (TUE), also known as “Maastricht treaty”, was signed. The fact constitutes a cornerstone in the process of European integration, amending and completing the Paris Treaty of 1951 and easying the path initial economic objective of The Community, to build a common market, giving a vocation of political unity.

Who’s in?


Newsletter N.77 October – November 2019

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40th Anual General Meeting Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dear members, Be welcome to read this informations about our next AGM, the 40th to be precise. This time we will gather in Maastricht, one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands. The city has a rich culture and economical history. It actually stands as an important...

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